Couples Counseling

Do you wonder why your child behaves in such challenging ways? 

Does it feel like you have tried everything and nothing has worked? 

Do you wish you and your partner were parenting as a team? 

Do you long for the times when your child was sweet and loving? 


Like many parents, you may worry whether you are doing too much or too little. You wish you could parent your children in healthy and effective ways.

If you have adopted a child or if your child has special needs, you bear an additional burden.  Parents like you work harder to care for your children.  You go above and beyond to ensure that your children have everything they need. 

Parenting is not supposed to be just endless demands on our time and constant stress. Raising children is about lifting our thoughts out of our adult concerns and seeing the world through our child's eyes. It is about playing, exploring, learning and creating. It is about holding, caring, nurturing and protecting.

I can help you find the joy in parenting again.

 I am committed to helping parents:

  • acquire productive strategies for getting the behavior they want
  • help their children face life’s challenges
  • connect with their children in delightful and rewarding ways

Let today be the start of becoming the parent you really want to be. Contact me at:


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