Couples Counseling

Do you feel alone inside, even though good parents adopted you? 

Are you bothered by unanswered questions about your adoption? 

Do you sometimes feel like you have to hide your true self from those around you?

Adoption can have a lasting impact, even in the best of circumstances.  You may have feelings that range from joy to sorrow, happiness to rage, satisfaction to confusion.  It is common for there to be long term feelings of loss and grief.  As someone who was adopted, you might have lasting questions and concerns about being wanted.  Many people who are adopted have an empty feeling inside and some even wonder whether their life was a mistake.

I can help. 

I am a special kind of counselor who helps adoptees

  • find joy, acceptance and stability
  • live a full, rewarding life
  • and see themselves as unique and worthy.


It is time to live your life with fullness and a light heart.  Contact me today at:




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